To provide working mothers with the resources needed to easily navigate the management of a successful career and a well-run household. 


Our promise to each client:

  • Simplicity
  • Service
  • Solutions

About Access Granted Concierge

Chiara Wright is the owner and founder of Access Granted Concierge, a full service concierge and chiara-pic personal assistant business committed to providing clients with a happier work-life balance.   Chiara discovered her ability to strategize and help others become more organized during her position as Resident Assistant at the University of Dayton.  Using her strengths in time management, Chiara helped students create their schedules to balance class time and studying, with part-time jobs and fun.

Chiara entered Corporate America as an insurance professional while raising a toddler at home.  She learned first-hand the challenges of juggling motherhood duties and a successful career; and witnessing so many other woman struggle with work and home-life balance.  Chiara was inspired to merge her professional experience with her natural abilities and formed Access Granted Concierge.  Using her gift of strategy, heart for service and ability to execute, she creates tailor-made solutions for clients that result in spending more time with loved ones and less time running around.

Access Granted Concierge gives professional woman a reliable helper and super-moms a secret weapon.

About You

It is possible to enjoy both your family and your job!  The answer:  know your limitations.

Just like you, many women work and have families but often feel torn between the two.  In between picking up the kids from school, planning the home menu and deadlines at work, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to handle it all.  While some days are manageable, others can seem impossible.  Fortunately, Access Granted Concierge is here to help.

Our business is 100% client focused.  From the moment we are contacted by you, your needs are our upmost priority.  Our first step is to schedule an in-person meeting at a time and place that you find convenient so we can learn about you!  This “discovery” discussion allows you to share your needs for assistance in order to relieve some of the struggles and responsibilities in your everyday life.  We encourage you to discuss as much as you feel comfortable to paint the bigger picture and understand your goals for improvement.

Using all this valuable information, we can then discuss our various services and strategize how to collaborate in each area.  The ultimate goal of this consultation is for your voice to be heard, your needs to be met and a successful start to professional relationship focused on you!